3 Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Offer Employee Mentorships

What is Mentoring?

Internal Mentoring

Program Overview Document

Mentoring Agreement

  • discussions are confidential
  • the mentee is responsible for leading the meetings
  • the mentor will not talk to the mentee’s manager on their behalf.

What Happens If It’s Not Working?

Mentor Support

  • how is your current project going?
  • how is your current role going?
  • Is there any advice that I can provide to you?
  • Are there any projects you would really like the opportunity to work on?
  • What parts of your job do you want to develop more skills in?
  • Is there anything that you would like to ask me about my career path to help your own career objectives?
  • Who do you really admire?
  • If you had million dollars, what would you do every day?
  • for the mentor to introduce them to some industry context
  • to get advice around their career path
  • to understand more about the mentor’s career path
  • to discuss things that worked really well for the mentor in their career, and things that didn’t, and gain from that experience


Professional Mentorships

Independent Mentors

Employee Networks

Use Your Own Networks

Use Your HR Consultant

Evaluate the program

  • How did it go?
  • Did you meet on a regular basis and stick to the meeting schedule?
  • Did you keep minutes of your meetings?
  • Did you develop clar goals?
  • Did you have a to-do list?
  • What did you develop?
  • What did you get out of it?
  • What are the next steps?
  • What else would you like to develop?
  • Are you interested in doing another mentorship?

Ongoing Development

Listen in for more on providing mentorships



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Karen Kirton

Karen Kirton

Founder of Amplify HR — a consulting company in Australia that specialises in enabling businesses to find, grow and keep great people. www.amplifyhr.com.au