How To Deal With Managers Who Don’t Like The ‘People Stuff’

‘Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to find a people manager who doesn’t do “people stuff”

Poor people managers

‘if you don’t have people skills, it doesn’t matter how much technical knowledge you have, you are not going to be effective.’

Not valuing people

Avoiding conflict

‘Poor managers also avoid conflict, which makes issues fester’

Pushing issues to HR

Creating productivity issues

  • conflict
  • grievances
  • reduced turnover
  • lower productivity
  • gossip
  • other dysfunctional behaviours.

Supporting good people management

Making it job no 1

Managing behaviours

Developing managers

Recognising poor managers

Valuing leaders

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Karen Kirton

Karen Kirton

Founder of Amplify HR — a consulting company in Australia that specialises in enabling businesses to find, grow and keep great people.