Recruitment is More Marketing than HR

Recruitment ends with onboarding, which is when HR process takes over. But until then, recruitment is much more in the marketing realm.

  • Creating an offer
  • Research and testing
  • Advertising
  • Nurturing leads

Creating an offer

Research and testing


  • where do they hang out?
  • is there a particular chat room on Slack or Discord?
  • where else am I going to find these people?
  • how am I going to get their attention?
  • your ad won’t stick out
  • you won’t be clear about the candidate you’re looking for
  • you won’t be expressing your employer brand
  • you will find it difficult to hire people and difficult to retain people.

Nurturing leads

Give a realistic view of the role

Solve the candidate’s problems

  • Do they want more challenge in their career?
  • Do they want to work in a different location?
  • Do they want more flexibility?

Let them sell themselves

  • Structured interview questions These are behavioural-based questions where we say, ‘tell me about a time when…’, because this gives people the opportunity to delve deeper into their experience, and express how they can solve your problem.
  • Pre-hire testing These tests ensure that candidates have the right abilities to do the job, but also the right fit in terms of your culture, depending on the testing that you’re doing.

Mind the gap

Make the offer

  • What does the market say? What is the market paying for this role?
  • What is the candidate’s value? What can they contribute?
  • What can we afford? What range do we think the role is worth?




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