Use Social Media to Engage More Candidates

your employer branding can make all the difference in attracting candidates’

It’s a tough employment market

‘Right now, there are 50% more jobs, and less applicants’

Social Channels

Key Messages

here are two very quick ways to get some information around your employer brand’

Talk to Staff

  • Why did you apply for the job here?
  • Why did you start working here?
  • Why are you still here?

Record Yourself

  • What are the keywords I’m using?
  • What are the things that are coming through as themes?
  • Do they match what the employees are saying?
  • Does this inspire me?
  • Does it make me want to work for the organisation?
  • Does it give me a sense of pride, the idea that I could work there?


Video testimonials

Event footage

  • if you’re having a social get together
  • if you’re taking your team to a conference
  • if you’re just getting together for Friday night drinks

Job Ads


  • your employee surveys
  • your first impressions surveys
  • your engagement surveys
  • requests for people to submit some quotes.

Staff Survey Highlights

‘Day in the life’ Interviews

Brand Components


Life Events

Review Your Socials

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Karen Kirton

Karen Kirton

Founder of Amplify HR — a consulting company in Australia that specialises in enabling businesses to find, grow and keep great people.