What to do when your Best Employee Quits

‘You need to deal with losing your employee, and prepare for the next time a top employee quits.’

Reactive Strategies

The first question to ask is, is it salvageable?’

Dig into their reasons for leaving

  • Are they going for greater development or a challenge?
  • Are they just bored in their role at the moment?
  • Are their personal circumstances?
  • Are they moving interstate?
  • Do they want to move out of the workforce?
  • Are they starting their own business?

Consider casual contracting

You can keep some consistency for a short period after they leave.’

Keep in touch

Announce the departure

Communicate with the team

Proactive Strategies

Conduct an exit interview

  • was there a specific incident?
  • did they feel they had the opportunity to give feedback to the organisation?
  • did they feel they were being developed and challenged?
  • was there anything the organisation could have done to prevent the resignation?

Consider buy-ins

Who are your top performers?

  • who has the top leadership potential in this organisation?
  • what are we doing to retain them?
  • are we having conversations with them about their career?
  • are we investing in their training and development?
  • do we understand what motivates them?

What happens when your ‘worst employee’ quits?

  • what are the gaps?
  • how did that person get hired in the first place?
  • what did we miss?
  • are there things we need to add to our process?
  • why isn’t our performance management process effective?
  • why didn’t we identify that this person wasn’t performing?
  • why weren’t we able to help them to get to where they needed to be?
  • and what’s been the impact on the team?

The Takeaway

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Karen Kirton

Karen Kirton

Founder of Amplify HR — a consulting company in Australia that specialises in enabling businesses to find, grow and keep great people. www.amplifyhr.com.au